In a world dominated by the liberal ideas of entitlement, diversity is often use as a means to gain unearned social, economic and political credits. But AIMS-Bismarck’s view of diversity is based on the idea that the more we learn about the beauty of our rich backgrounds and origins, we will have a more informed idea to build a stronger, better and brighter community. Although we are organized to stand up for the rights of immigrants and minorities, we will not be silent if any person in our community is a victim of injustice. We believe that a transparent, prosperous and united community is one that creates avenues for communication, informed civil discourse, and resolve issues by understanding the mixture of its people.

“One of the challenges in building a diverse community is that one culture or group may want to insist upon all, their ways and cultural understandings which may be totally contrary to the fundamental views of other.” — Paul Zondo